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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  June 12, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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here. >> thanks. >> now fast money with melissa lee. melissa, i don't know if you guys can top this. >> probably not. just kidding. we have a great show. i'm going to spare you all the yoga puns or downer facing dog days. we have got an analyst who downgraded lululemon today. but he didn't rate at a cell rating for one reason. we'll discuss the possibility of who could buy it. >> over the you guys. thanks. fast money starts right now. live from new york city's time square. an ugly day on wall street but good news on intel, sending shares higher. get you those details coming up. but the return of the risk of market. increased violence in iraq. the ten year yield following below 2.5%.
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and stocks down. we have not seen this, dan, in a while. >> we haven't. we were talking about last night the last time the market was down 1% was april 10th. that was two months. when you think about the slow grind that we had to 1,900. everyone thought that was a magnet in the s&p. we kept going higher. last night when the market was down, 35 byes or whatever, we were like yeah. s&p down 70. gold up 1%. we had bonds up 1%. to me, it did feel like a risk. remember, we're going into suler trading. that's when volatility could pick up. that's where i think it doesn't make sense to be complacent. >> we basically told people don't get your nickers -- not a big deal this pullback and here we are today. >> not a big deal. now, if 3.5% from here is a big deal then it's a big deal.
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i think there's a chance for us to trade 18.60 by the end of the month in the s&p. i don't think that's a big deal. there's some themes that continue to work. pete talked about his. look at conco phillips today. i think this is a stock at 82.5. still making a lot of sense. i think deutsch initiated with a price target. i think certain things work. energy being one of them. >> obviously, energy is the big move we saw in today's session. wti closing at the highest level. does this make you concerned about the consumer and your retail trades? >> not so much. i mean, if this is a one day or two day move, not really. we don't trade around things that tight. if we see a prolonged move, oil has been surprisingly steady for
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a long time. this is a little blip. i wouldn't trade around this. one thing i amount watching is the volatility index. it's moved up a lot from the low. but i think there could be more to run. i'm not selling any stocks but looking if we do see a spike further to layoff a bit of that. >> look, we're talking about on the big spike, we're talking about a level basically the lows of the vix of the last multiple years. 11 and now it's 12.5. it's still extremely low. i think there's plenty of opportunities out there. if you want to be in this market and stay along with it, if it doesn't get the kind of pullback that was alluded to, talking about a 18.16 sort of test. you could be protected down to those levels. you have got your insurance policy. when you look at the market, what's been moving the markets
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recently, over the last eight months it's been the chip stocks and now you get the news about intel. and you look at the energy stocks. this week alone, everything has been about energy. i have got a list of 15 stocks on our unusual activity list that are all just energy related. it has been absolutely flowing beyond words and it's every single aspect of energy from the coal stocks and you look at some of the solar stocks and get into the oil and gas stocks. >> the fact that energy stocks are acting well doesn't make me feel better about the market. we have go politicsplipolitical. people are reaching with what they know works. some of the paper that you have seen an talking about, mro, the list goes on. apc. a lot of it is takeout. there was some call buying yesterday, too. it doesn't make me feel better about the market. it's what will work in a political environment.
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>> when you listen to somebody like lloyd who was on yesterday from the energy conference and him talking about expect the unexpected. you expect to see moves like this. it came out of nowhere. everybody thought the move was because of eric cantor. it was more about the middle east and the acceleration of that pushed us to the down side. >> doesn't this make you more concerned about the market? how about consumer stocks, home builders. technology. well intel will change the game a bit here. >> that might have a flow-through a lot of the big cap technologies. that's why protection is so important. you could be involved in this market and use spreads. it's still a great opportunity. we're well below 13. this is a great opportunity to stay in the market if you want. >> i think energy started to turn before this happened. >> long before this. totally agree. >> if it's six month ahead of the market that could be a tell. >> intel, shares jumping. let's get to bertha for the
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details on the story. >> intel moving higher after the chip maker boosted it's revenue quarter. now expects second quarter revenue to be $13 billion plus or minus $300 million. that puts you at to 14. up from $12.5 billion to $13.5 billion. it's boosting its out look seeing 62% to 66%. higher than before. some revenue growth for the year. previously it said revenue would be flat. the stock currently continues to trade higher. back to you melissa. >> that's helping some of the other technology stocks in the after hour sex as welafter sess >> when you go back and look at the 2012 high it's touching that in the after markets.
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gross margins guided up by 1%. if enterprise pc sales are better. that's where they could charge from. remember microsoft stopped supporting xp. maybe you saw enterprises upgrading to new machines. i think the -- >> if intel opens tomorrow this would be a new 52-week high. >> buy some calls to the upside just in case you don't want to miss anything. >> let's get to the oil market. founder and president all day watching the action. great to have you with us. >> great to be here. >> what did you make of the reaction? was it an overreaction? don't we need to see the violence move to the south of the country where the production is concentrated in order to have a real impact on the flow? >> we do. the last thing i saw coming out of the rebels or whatever you want to call the group is they're going to make a move
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towards bagdad. yesterday there was an attack on one of the oil facilities in the north. that was repelled. so you know, commodities don't like uncertainty. there's a lot here. i got long two days ago when i heard that mosul had fallen. i knew there was going to be uncertainty there. we're talking 3.5 million gallons of oil a day. these a lot of oil to worry about. i'm not sure if anything will happen as far as that supply being compromised. but certainly i wouldn't want to be short right now. >> what is the premium that exists because of iraq? >> it's only a couple dollars. karen mentioned how strong oil has been. that's been the draw-down. we're at the lowest levels since 2007. when you look at china. their version of the spr which is their reserves. that's 700 million barrels of oil. that's a lot of oil.
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their imports were up 9% last month. >> what is the bet being made in terms of how long this lasts? >> i don't know how long it lasts but the bet is being made we're going to 112. that was the last level we saw. other than that, i don't think there's many bets beyond that. in fact, i'm still long a little bit. markets do react to a certain point. >> 112. worst case scenario. airline stocks getting hit on the back of rising oil prices. let's get to the imperial capitol managing director. bob, great to have you with us. we got the cancellation of a big order and oil prices. what's your outlook going into the summer season? >> i think the summer is pretty much together and to the extent oil is higher, summer may not be
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as good as it could have been. it's tough not to make money at least for the airlines. one of the things talk about is we have high oil prices for a while. if we do, we're at a time of the year where it's fairly easy for the airlines to adjust their schedule and operations for the fall. i think this is a going to be a great year. >> how long does this have to last before you get concerned this is going to trickle through and mean higher jet fuel prices? >> well the jet fuel prices obviously were up today as was everything else. you know, i think in terms of the airlines themselves will probably sit quietly and we all talk about was this a knee jerk reaction. the airlines will wait for two to three weeks. but their not going to take any action. in terms of if in fact we do find that oil stays up, you know, like i say, the airlines have figured out how to deal with that. they reduce capacity and squeeze
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out flights in each market. and i think that will happen in the fall. so you maybe have 8 to 12 weeks where is the numbers aren't quite as good in terms of cost being higher. in the fall people are basically putting the schedules back to a way that will work in a higher price. we're making money where we didn't see these numbers a couple years ago. it takes maybe more like two, three months to get their operations so they can deal with the higher prices. >> bob, thanks for your time. guy, adami what's your outlook for the airline? it is true they're in better shape operationally. the market is what the market is. >> you know, i forget how long ago it was when delta bought the refinery. everybody said not a big deal.
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the stock tripled since then. i'm surprised it's down 6% today. i think you buy delta here. i'll draw the line in the sand. i don't think they're broke. i think the space is coming under attack. i don't like what we saw with biotech a couple months ago. to the extent the atf gets hit, the stocks go down. >> so he's making the parallel which bottomed at 211 and there's a massive rebound in the index and massive buying opportunity. is that what this is for airline? >> this is a huge overreaction when you look at where oil prices have been. and yesterday was more than just oil prices. you get follow up with the oil rising to the upside. i look at these as a great opportunity. everybody who didn't want to chase ual i think there's great opportunities. i like these stocks at the levels. >> one of the most popular execs
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of twitter resigning today. and once loved growth names taking on the chin. lululemon. maybe analysts should have listened to regis philbin last week. >> lululemon is one of the stocks that i have and we called three different lululemon stores. one in texas. one up near boston. three of them and not one of them answered. >> did they know it was you on the line? >> no. but they should be answering their phone just in case somebody wants to buy something. . (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we give you the edge, with innovative charting and trading features, plus powerful mobile apps so you're always connected, wherever you are. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours.
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. that's for guy adami. >> a premise douse job. 5 bucks and you tell me the name of the song. >> it's a led zeppelin song. >> it's "black dog" 1971. i believe it's the first cut on the first side. ding. see i got a little bell. >> good for you, guy. all right. moving on. we have real business to take
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care of. lululemon hitting a three year low. let's bring in oliver chen. oliver, great to have you with us. and you specifically address why you did not put a cell rating on the stock and that's because you say it could be a takeout target. who could buy it? >> exactly. there are big global names. vf corp comes to mind. a supply chain and as well as online. that's a name that could have an interest. maybe even an mbo. it's about $38 to $42 and still a good brand with 20% operating margins. >> with chip wilson owning as much as he does, i think that's a huge impediment to get a deal done. >> it's hard to tell how that
5:18 pm
will play out. he founded the company 27% ownership and there is a bit of an award moment situation with regard to his communicating with the board of directors and being on a different page. i think it's an obstacle. >> when you mention management buyout you think chip can cobble together some sort of consortium that would buy the company? >> it's possible. if you take a look at the cash profile as well as the net cash position, it's a company with growth potential. if he has a view he can run this privately with getting the right leverage that's one scenario to think about. it's more relevant as the stock has gotten cheaper. >> i had a chance to speak to art peck who is also head of lululem lululemon.
5:19 pm
athleta. this is what he had so say. >> if i do the math on that, it probably says it's gaining share. >> do you think that the case? is lulu losing share? >> well it's guiding to negative comps for next quarter. performance sports ware is growing. macy's has a private label brand. you can get product at target. so lululemon is over $100. it's a premium price product and a lot of opportunity in the space. the other factor, there hasn't been too much innovation here. that's been a look for four to five years with the skinny botto bottoms. lulu has the best technology, the best fit. we haven't seen radical shifts in technology. people have had time to catch
5:20 pm
up. >> thanks for your time. >> thank you. >> had me a skyny bottom that is so me. but you also have a 28% shortage within the stock. if some of the things you're saying are right this is interesting for the first time in a while at 37 bucks. >> i'm nervous that they will guide lower. not yet, love the brand. >> i spend a rlot of time in th gym as you guys can tell. it could be the matter of fashion, too. it seems to be in some of my channel checks in skinny bottom land is people are into this under armour stuff. even women. you talked about barrys boot camp and they won't want the lulu anymore. they may be going harder core. ladies, what do you think? >> the thing that concerns me is you almost make it sound like
5:21 pm
they either go private or they're not going anywhere and when you look at the possibilities in the international space and see the director consumer how well they're doing with 25% growth, it seems they have made a lot of mistakes, but if they can get it turned around, that the stock has plenty of room to the upside. >> yes, it does. they're going to grow square footage at 15% plus. the gap is flat. it's not anywhere yet in europe. they have to execute on fashion and better product. more seasonal product. the evolution of the fitness customer is multi-facilities itted. they have to get prints and color. that should lead to better comps. there's a summer lull. if we think about risk, it could be a range bound stock in the near term. >> oliver, thank you. it's not just lulu that's seen its stock price tumbling down. take a look at other high growth
5:22 pm
stock names. whole foods. coach. pane panera. dan, this is one you flagged here. a lot of these names. what's the outlook for them? >> it's the perfect storm in a way. these guys were growing fast. they had volumes. whole foods you can throw in there. when things decelerate growth investors get out. look at whole foods. it went sideways after it had a 20% gap lower for weeks. it has high short interests just like lulu. i don't think you have to get in there tomorrow and try to buy it. lulu has no support until $30. i think you will probably get a shot to buy it lower. >> short? >> yes. >> yes. i think next week we can see a kitchen sink kind of quarter to what we saw today in lieu lew. >> game stop. against 35 bucks. this is a volatile stock.
5:23 pm
you talk about short interest. this is one of those things. the risk reward sets up interesting from game stock. i think you can buy it against 35 and look for the pop that you have seen before. >> the fastest growth area is organic which speaks to whole food. when i look at the name. the beating that it took and the valuation got adjusted down from 65 to these numbers, i continue to love it and see paper coming into this name. the growth potential and -- not the short term growth but the expansion in the united states. they talk about potentially could be 1,200 stores in the u.s. right now we're at 350. there's plenty of growth out there and those margins can improve. there's a lot of competition. i hated the stock in the 50's. i loved it down here. we're seeing 45, 46 calls getting by. i think the stock can get back up toward those levels.
5:24 pm
>> bertha. >> trading places. we have got simerex synergy going to be added to the s&p 500. going down into the s&p mid cap 400. now simerex is a stock jim kramer talked about. the stock is up more than 25% year to date. back to you. >> bertha, thanks for that. still ahead, twitter flying high but the guy the company was banking on to drive growth now out the door. what does it mean for the future? amazon launching its music streaming serve. the details after the break. show 'em the curve.
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big news for tesla. elan musk opening his technology patents to developers. saying he won't penalize any other company that wants to make tesla's technologies. >> people say it's not an auto company. it's a technology company. if you think about the last decades that have been spent on patent litigation in the technology business and this guy is turning that up side down and saying yours go do it. because he believes in the future. forget about he's making the luxury vehicle going to go downstream at some point. he's one of the most inknow vative leaders out there.
5:29 pm
as far as the stock, $200. seems to be acting well. if you get a rocky summer and see this back towards 160 or 150 that's probably where you own it. >> amazon launching a music service called prime music. free for prime members paying 99 bucks a year. fewer new releases than spotify or pandora. >> heated. >> heated, wow. yeah. >> today dan proves to be -- to the victor go -- >> but he also won the lululemon debate. >> anyway. >> anyway, on amazon -- >> i thought it was going 345. i still think it gets there. goldman sachs lowered their price far get to 400. i think it's get from 345 to 350. i think jeff basos has an event in a week or so in seat..
5:30 pm
i think you buy it. >> let's get to bertha for breaking news. >> sycamore partners reveals it now has a near 10% stake in the company and interested in buying the company fully. the market cap on express is about $1.1 billion. it zooming higher. down 26% year to date. they do want to get some due diligence, take a look. they wanted to determine the value of the company. they do express confidence in the management and the brand. they think that's part of the reason they want to acquire the brand. so you can see there the stock shooting up nearly 20% after hours. >> thanks for that. again, express possibly -- well, who knows. maybe going private eventually? >> that's a big stake and very, very aggressive filing. it means tomorrow is going to be a good day for the crappy
5:31 pm
retailers. >> coming up next, twitter trading above 35 bucks a share. but someone is betting the stock could trade above 50 by september. later on, heading straight to the frontlines for original content. the executive producer behind ex-box's first ever unscripted series coming up. chocolate is very individual. white chocolate lovers don't like dark chocolate. milk chocolate lovers don't necessarily like dark or white. before we couldn't really allow the consumer to customize their preferred chocolate. we needed the scalable cloud solution allowing them to see all 800 products and select what they are looking for. now there is endless opportunity to indulge.
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welcome back to "fast money." live at the nasdaq market site in times square. ceo is resigning from his position and will move into an advisor role. he will not be replaced. it may actually be a good thing. shares of the stock jumping 3%. let's bring in neil dochi. i get the thinking that his resignation signals that not enough is being accomplished in terms of user growth, et cetera. what is the plan? the stock is rallying because the guy is out. we don't know what the next plan is to turn those metrics around. why are we so excited? >> i think the fact that the ceo is going to be taking more of an
5:35 pm
active role on the product side is positive. we have seen that with yahoo and facebook and mark zuckerberg and when larry page took over. we saw an acceleration in terms of products. >> do you have any colors or ideas to what cosolo would do? >> we started to see something inknow vative today with the world cup. twitter starting to bring in all the tweets. pictures. and videos related to the world cup into one single kind of event tab. you know, i think this could help kind of curate twitter with people. >> neil, i'm on the same mindset. i got that page. i thought it was a great way for twitter to put in users hands to
5:36 pm
get more engaged. this was a big issue people have been claiming, that there's been poor engagement. if you want to talk about potential user growth there's 4 billion people watching the world cup and i think twitter is going to be one of the main screens. i think investors got hip to that today like you're saying and i think you have the potential for that kind of facebook moment. two years ago it was six months after they reported their ability to monetize -- are you just hearing this now or suggesting it first now? >> no. this is definitely on people's radar. there's a company called banjo. it's a small app. they have cure rated events using twitter and facebook feeds by events. i think twitter is taking a page from that banjo play book. i think this will really help people understand what the use of twitter is. down the road if i want to see a
5:37 pm
rihanna concert, i could go to twitter and look at the feeds for rihanna's concert. or if there's a sporting event or the olympics. i think this is going to be a great way to get people more engaged the twitter or bring advertisers to figure out what people are interested. >> neil, the engagements, that's what everybody has been focused on is the fact that the engagement is not quite there. so this is one of the steps. what are some of the other steps they have got to take to make sure they can ensure themselves longer engagement with the site? >> i think a lot of people jump in and out of twitter. i think the more that people kind of retweet and share interesting tweets or pictures, i think these going to help. they're trying to bring up pictures and videos to the forefro forefront. i think that's going to help with engagement. and i think they need to help the user base understand what
5:38 pm
the use of twitter is to drive engagement up. i think if people are jumping on the site, two, three, four times a day, these a positive rather than people signing up once not deciding what to do with it and never going back to the site again. >> thank you. let's get the trade here. what if it's not just event? what if it's stocks? what if you're interested in apple and you can pull up an apple page on twitter? >> it's to pete's point about the advertising. you can go for your own verti l vertical. advertisers are coming right at you. i think this is going to be huge. i think we can see evidence of this when they report their q2 in early or mid august. >> i still think facebook had a really funky day today. if you look at the last quarter they posted.
5:39 pm
i think facebook is headed towards the mid 70's. give me a choice between fb and twitter, i would take fb right here. >> today's options action. mike. >> we saw three times the average daily volume in twitter which is already a stock that sees activity. third most active single stock option today. what we saw was a lot of call buying. the most active with the september 50 calls. and about 82,000 of those traded for a price of about 85 cents. those were bullish bets. or about 50.85 by september. if you bought these things for 85 cents and if the stock went up 6 bucks in 50 days, you're likely to double your money. you don't have to wait all the way to expiration. kind of what dan was suggesting, between the world cup that people might be making shorter
5:40 pm
term bullish bets as well. >> check out the website, time for pops and drops. pop for lands end up 8%. >> they spun themselves out of sears. gross margins are going higher. management talked about the idea that now they're independent and feel much more comfortable. think the stock is going higher. >> drop for sfx down 2%. >> i would rather on live nation. >> green mountain up 4%. >> options volume exploded this thing up. like i said, it was up 4%. options volumes are five times the average daily volume. rumors that coke is going to take the whole thing out. >> you were in the trade? you're holding it? >> yes. >> what do you do now? >> i think you have got to make some decisions.
5:41 pm
i always think trimming or taking some off is a great idea. something we talked about the with the intel trade. roll out of positions if you can. >> drop for tinto. down 3%. >> this stock has held it since january. but this would be a great octagon of death one for dan. >> yes. >> the low 51. this gets messy in a hurry. when i see messy, i mean like down to 40 messy. >> and a pop for meat rushmore. national jerky day. jerk can maker jack links used more than 1600 pounds of beef. measuring 17 feet wide.
5:42 pm
if you want to see the tribute. meat rushmore on display in new york's columbus circle. i looked at the making of the video. it's not solid jerky. there's a base and then they slap the jerk can on top. in case you're wondering. >> that's the way -- what's the guy, the short guy with a bakery? help me. >> buddy. >> cake boss? >> rushmore guys were -- >> it's only on display until 6:00 p.m. by the way. >> you like that stuff though. you told me that you like -- right or wrong? >> i have said that. >> slim gyms. >> coming up next, trading the world cup from russia to brazil. locking in the biggest games.
5:43 pm
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getting warmed up. >> it's a tremendous job. >> it is. every night is a tremendous job. they do a fine job. >> that's the thing. misty mountain hop. the b side. >> i thought it was the a side. >> whatever. growing number of hollywood producers turning to places like netflix and microsoft to green light shows. the first ever unscripted series for the xbox starts this sunday and is tied to the world cup. so this fits in with the xbox's push in the world cup, correct? >> absolutely. they call destination brazil. >> and can you binge watch it?
5:47 pm
>> united will come out each sunday june 15th until august 3rd and after the premier you'll be able to watch all the ones before it. >> are you getting indication, because you deal with other distributors of content in addition to xbox, you have dealt with amazon and yahoo, that there is more demand for the sort of unscripted format? >> i think there's more demand in general for content. you're seeing it from all kinds of new distributors whether it's e b-- xbox, yahoo, samsung. tech providers across the spectrum. we're able to work on one day within hbo and then this xbox project which is exciting. >> at the same time, in terms of these alternative ways of
5:48 pm
distributing your product is there increased pressure? it seems like these companies are experimenting. this may not necessarily be the business they want to pursue. so they're going to take a look at how many people are viewing these series and really scrutinize. >> it's tough on the one hand because it's a challenge. especially with a new platform like xbox or amazon prime. there aren't the traditional metrics. what we're striving for with this is to create some noise and also to really stand out as far as having quality. at the end of the day what people respond to on netflix with "house of cards" is quality. that's what we're looking to deliver here. specifically, a global docu series that show cases human drama and not just canned sort of reality in a new way global. >> thanks for your time.
5:49 pm
the first match in the 2014 world cup is underway right now. as krochia takes on brazil. the traders will pick the world cup country and checking back to see who won. somebody always has to win. >> yes. >> let's go around the pohorn. pete. >> i'm going to go with hush shah. a $400 billion deal. when you look at the rsx. 42%, energy exposed. i think because of the direction things are going, i think rsx is going high. >> dan? >> i'm going to take a different tact. >> so disenjensously. >> i'm going to look at a region and fez. i'm not going to buy it. i'm going to short it here and
5:50 pm
i'll tell you why. the europeans, the last thing they need in a summer is a soccer game or three every day. >> what do you mean by that? >> they don't like to work so much. that's their perception. then you throw summer and soccer which is their religion. i don't so see the game on right now. >> karen? >> brazil. world cup. you know, i don't love to buy a stock before a huge movie opens which is this similar to. but i believe with an energy turn-around good for brazil. >> it's like we're in a concert. are you that girl? >> no. >> no. >> guy is that girl. >> i mean, the most stable country -- >> so you're the opposite side? >> typically. i like where pete is going. but i think germany here, i think it has upside to 36.
5:51 pm
>> we apologize to our european viewers to dan nathan's remarks. they don't reflect -- >> come back as a european. >> up next, some slick unusual activity. plus trading the names lighting up our twitter feed. much more "fast" after this. trader pro investing platform, the information that's important to you is all in one place, so finding more insight is easier. it's your idea powered by active trader pro. another way fidelity gives you a more powerful investing experience. call our specialists today to get up and running.
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let's take a look at shares of express. we pointed out the huge move. sycamore taking a stake in the company and may look at a bid for the entire company. now take a look. jumping after hours for aeropostale. in your bucket of crappy retailers. some unusual activities, ultra petroleum. >> today as the stock was moving to the upside, july 30 calls, over 4,200 traded by the end of the day. over 7,000 traded. went up to 50 cents. by the end of the day trading
5:55 pm
65, 70 cents. people expecting this stock to break out in an upside. just one of the many names. >> you know this. they said they're moving more of their revenues percentage-wise to oil. that could be nice timing. you tweeted and we traded. based on intel's raise is capex rebounding better than expected? >> i think this is probably a slight little uptick. they have been lowering guidance for over a year. we talked about it earlier in the week. a & d in four. you could probably own it and lien on your stock. >> karen, should i buy the recent dip in bank of america? >> i hope this is chris martin. if it is, you can call me. if not, yes, i like bank of america. it is groundhog day. again, yes. >> every day. >> back to the $17 billion,
5:56 pm
doesn't matter? >> that's rounding here. this is a longer term story of what they can earn. >> give or take $5 million. >> who is chris martin? >> who is chris martin? >> cold play. >> oh, that was him? oh, i liked that. >> holy cow. next, 17 pound catalog, netflix, tonight cramer breaking down the move and what is ahead for the retailer straight ahead. we got your first move tomorrow. stay tuned. oh my god! look. you need to see this. show 'em the curve. ♪ do you know what this means? the greater the curvature, the bigger the difference. [sci-fi tractor beam sound] ...sucked me right in... it's beautiful.
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♪fame, puts you there where things are hollow♪ the evolution of luxury continues. the next generation 2015 escalade. ♪fame final trade time. pete? >> bp. energy is hot. i think this name is going higher. >> dan. >> twitter, i think you stick with it. i'm long looking out to september. >> karen? >> yes. allergan. we talked about this the other day. it came in a lot which means the spread is narrowing. doesn't include anything for the cdr. i would put that spread on. >> a few things. >> well, we only have 30 seconds. >> happy birthday to steven grasso. >> yes, happy birthday.
6:00 pm
>> he doesn't look a day -- >> over 60. >> anyway. >> tesla. >> not tesla. pete and i don't see each other that often. he said cnq. this stock looks like it wants to trade back up my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. and i promise to help you find it. mad money starts now! >> hey, i'm kramer, welcome to "mad money," welcome to cramerica. another people want to make friends, i'm trying to save you money. my job is not only to entertain you, but to make you money. call me or tweet me @jim cramer. the market surmises sun


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